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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

A huge thank you to all of you for not only supporting our local business, but also for trusting us to care for your pets and their needs! We appreciate you more than you know. (((hugs!)))

Did you know?

Many of you know that we offer XL Private Indoor/Outdoor Suites for boarding our canine guests, but did you know we also offer Family Suites?

Our Family Suites are available to multi-sibling households, or even for solo pets who would like extra room during their vacation with us. Each Family Suite doubles the space they are able to enjoy, both inside as well as outside.

Want your pet siblings to share a suite but they don't get along well with each other during feeding time? No worries! We are able to divide the Family Suite into 2 separate areas during feeding time to prevent any conflicts. Win win!


Tail Wagger of the Month

Our Tail Wagger of the Month is Little Miss Sophie! Sophie is a Yorkshire Terrier who is smaller than most Yorkies. Smaller means faster in her world! We are pretty sure she is the fastest little girl we have seen!

Sophie has been coming to DayStay here at Midnight Sun for the past several months which allows her Mom and Dad to get many errands accomplished, as well as having dinner dates with each other, without worrying about Sophie. They relax knowing she is having her own day of fun activities and lots of love!

Thanks Dave and Susie for sharing your girl with us!

Who will be December's Tail Wagger of the Month? Could it be your furbaby?


Referral Reward Perk

Who doesn't LOVE rewards! We love it when people confidently refer others to us! And to show our appreciation to you, we will reward you with 1 FREE night of boarding for every new boarding customer you refer to us that utilizes our boarding services. Simply let the person you are referring know to mention your name to us and we will take care of the rest. We sincerely thank you for your trust in us!


Now Available!

You are now able to access our new Monthly Subscription Packages for Grooming and Daycare! Check your portal/app or our website for details. You may also call if that is easier.

Any Questions ?

Contact Us:

11403 State Road 10

Argos, IN 46501

(574) 498-2424

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