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Let us maintain and pamper your pet at our dog spa so you can sit back and simply enjoy how great they feel and smell and be reassured knowing that their maintenance needs are complete.

The team at Midnight Sun Pet Resort are dog grooming specialists and your pet’s happiness is our number one priority. When you drop your pet off with our groomers, we learn what they like and dislike and always treat them with kindness and patience. 


Midnight Sun Pet Resort's skilled and professional staff offer a variety of grooming services chosen to make your pet look and feel their best. Professional bathing, nail buffing and hot oil therapy are just a few services offered.


We can accommodate spa services into our schedule quickly, so why not give it a try?

Groomed Dog

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Treat your dog to extra pampering by choosing this premium package.




Nail Buffing

Ear Cleaning

Blow Dry





Freshen up your pet's coat with a quick and easy maintenance treatment.



Blow Dry



Frequently asked questions

Do you offer full grooming or trimming?

No, we offer premium professional baths, nail buffing, teeth brushing, whitening shampoo, oatmeal treatments, hypoallergenic treatments, hot oil therapy, bluebeery facial scrubs, and deshedding. We service both large and small dog breeds.

How are large and small dogs accommodated for bathing?

We have an extra large professional grooming tub with a ramp for dogs to walk right in. Our tubs handle even the largest great danes with ease. As for the littles, our tub has a special accommodation to allow them to feel safe and secure during their grooming.

How long does it take for my dog to be bathed?

Bathing times can vary greatly depending on what kind of coat your dog has. Some are double coated resulting in a longer bath. On average the shorter haired dogs usually take about 2 hours while long haired often take 2-4 hours.

My dogs nails have been cut too short in the past, and I am afraid it will happen again. How do you prevent this?

We professionally buff each dogs nails which gives them a short and smooth cut and best of all they don't bleed.

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