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June 2023 Newsletter

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Are you covered in your dog's hair?

Endlessly sweeping and lint-rolling?

This week only, book a Deshedding Treatment with our Premium line and SAVE 15%



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Best of Marshall County 2023 Midnight Sun Pet Resort

2nd Place Best Pet Groomer

We are utterly humbled and honored to have received 2nd Place in this year's Best of Marshall County poll for Best Pet Groomer for the second year in a row! We certainly never expected this honor and couldn't have even received this honor if it weren't for all of our amazing clients. We are celebrating our 27th year of serving Marshall and surrounding counties and we couldn't ask for any better clients than all of you!

To celebrate this honor, and to show our appreciation to all of you, we will be offering a free nail trim to boarding guests in the month of July. Just mention CODE: BESTGROOMER.

Thank you again! We can't express how deeply we appreciate all of you!



De-Shedding Midnight Sun Pet Resort

Summer is finally here! We have eagerly been looking forward to spending outside time playing ball, fetch, swimming and sniffing out various scents with our canine guests. Definitely trying to enjoy summer while we can!

It seems just like summer was late to arrive, that many dogs we have spent time with recently are late in shedding their coat, especially the Northern Breeds such as Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. In fact, our own Malamute typically would have blown his entire coat by now, but his hair is holding on for dear life! While the lack of excess hair in the house has been atypical thus far, keeping a daily routine to encourage the hair to release is essential. If you are in a similar situation, we suggest daily brushing as well as checking into bathing him with products designed to encourage the hair release in order to expedite the shedding process.

Consider letting us get covered in hair so you don't have to!



Tail Wagger' of the Month Midnight Sun Pet Resort

Our Tail Wagger of the Month for June is a special guest of ours, Charlie!

Charlie sports only three legs, but does not let that affect what he can do! His ability to move fast is apparent during our play sessions together, where many times it is hard to keep up with him!

Some of his favorite activities include rolling over to enjoy belly rubs and love as well as giving us his best "sweet eyes" to convince us to keep playing!

A big thank you to Charlie's mom for sharing him with us and for allowing him to be a part of our pack!

Who will be July's Tail Wagger of the Month? Could it be your furbaby?




We have heard from a higher number of pet owners about an increased level of tick activity this year as opposed to other years. Lyme disease can cause fatigue, loss of appetite, and in some cases kidney complications.

Whether you are new to Indiana, or not, consider vaccinating your dog with a Lyme vaccine to prevent this tick-borne disease from potentially affecting him.



Referral reward dog boarding

Who doesn't LOVE rewards! We love it when people confidently refer others to us! And to show our appreciation to you, we will reward you with 1 FREE night of boarding for every new boarding customer you refer to us that utilizes our boarding services. Simply let the person you are referring know to mention your name to us and we will take care of the rest. We sincerely thank you for your trust in us!



Contact Us:

11403 State Road 10

Argos, IN 46501

(574) 498-2424

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