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How To Win Over A Fearful Dog

Fear is something that every animal experiences, we as humans know what fear is and how severely it can effect others. Here are four quick tips that will help you to win over any fearful dogs you may encounter.

Sit Side Face

Sit down next to them with your side facing them. Looking at them head on can intimidate the dog further, so presenting yourself as a neutral target helps to relax them.

Look Down, Calm Body Language

Look down and refrain from making eye contact or any sudden moves. Quiet, calm body language will show that you are not a threat and will allow the dog to slowly warm up to you.

Scatter Treats For Self Reward

Place treats on the ground surrounding where you are sitting. These treats can help to lure the dog out from a corner and bring them closer. The dog can self reward themselves by moving out of their comfort zone and towards the treats.

Do Not Pet Unless Asked

Even if the dog is near you and eating treats, don’t overstep by reaching out to pet them too soon. Don’t reach out to let the dog until they ask, otherwise you risk undoing all your hard work up to that point.

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