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4 Trainable Dog Breeds

4 Trainable Dog Breeds:

Dogs not only come in all shapes and sizes, they also come with wildly varying attitudes when it comes to training. Here are a list of 4 dog breeds that you shouldn't have much trouble training.

Border Collie:

Border Collies are most peoples first thought when they think of trainable dog breeds. Border Collies have been used across a number of different industries and are one of the most versatile dogs around. One Border Collie named Chaser even has the vocabulary of a 3 year old.

German Shepard:

German Shepards are the quintessential working dog. You’ll see them on farms, as service dogs, working with police and they’re even in the military. This is a prime example of a “jack of all trades” dog that can seemingly be placed into any situation and thrive.

Belgian Malinois:

- Similar to the German Shepard, Malinois are synonymous with military and police work. Their drive is unmatched and their status as a working dog is world renowned. Malinois are growing in popularity everyday and replacing the larger German Shepard for a number of different jobs.


- Don’t let their posh looks fool you, Poodles are some of the most intelligent and trainable dog breeds out there but are often overlooked due to their appearance. Many experts consider the poodle to be the second most intelligent dog breed, easily capable of picking up on new tricks and commands.

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