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4 Tips for a Cleaner Coat

We want our dogs to look and feel their best, and the best way to do this is by preventing build up and skin reactions before they happen. Here at Midnight Sun Pet Resort, our goal is to help you keep your dog's coat clean, shiny and healthy.

So, with this in mind, we're sharing 4 tips to for a cleaner coat!


Using shampoo to clean your dog’s coat might sound obvious but did you know dogs require special shampoos when bathing? A dog’s skin has a different chemical makeup to a human’s and normal shampoos can leave them susceptible to irritated and itchy skin, infections, and even parasites.


While many dog owners know to use special shampoo during washes, conditioning the coat is something that tends to only be done in professional settings. Conditioning your dogs coat can actually help to drastically reduce skin irritation by keeping the skin hydrated and protected from irritants.

Regular Brushings

One of the more frequent things that you can do to keep your dog clean is to regularly brush their coat and remove any excess hair that has become trapped. This is especially important in breeds known for “blowing their coat” and can drastically reduce body temperatures in the warmer summer months.

Facial Scrub

A Facial Scrub for dogs might sound silly, but it’s surprisingly one of the more impactful grooming treatments an owner can perform. Facial Scrubs can help to remove smelly tear stains and eliminate the odor from leftover food pieces. They can be performed quickly, easily, and can make a huge difference.

Your dog will thank you for keeping their coat and skin feeling great.

If you'd like help with grooming your dog, so they feel their best, schedule your pup's next grooming session with us today! Text or call us at 574-498-2424.

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