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Good Petiquette around Guests

Holiday festivities are right around the corner! Who doesn't like entertaining guests and having wonderful food and drinks? What makes all of this even better? Enjoying it all with our four-legged friends!

Dogs may have certain social petiquette concerns which might give pause to the entertaining excitement. With this in mind, we're sharing 4 ways to help your dog, and your guests, so your Holiday gathering can be a positive experience.


Does your dog bark, leap up on your guests and greet them with a big sloppy kiss? According to positive trainer Victoria Stilwel, "The best way to stop your dog from jumping up is to ignore her while she’s doing it.”

Here are some positive dog training steps that Stillwell recommends:

  1. Each time your dog jumps up at you, turn your back.

  2. Do not look at, talk to, or touch your dog at any time. Fold your arms in front of you so that you become boring.

  3. When he stops jumping, wait for three seconds of four paws on the floor, then reward the self-control with your attention.

  4. If he jumps again, repeats the exercise.

  5. Practice this with friends and family members for consistency.

Meeting Strangers

When meeting new people, try to establish a calm and quiet environment and reward your pup for being gentle and calm. While it can be nearly impossible to turn down an excited dog, it’s important to tell your guests not to pay him any attention when they first come in. This will help provide an opportunity for the meet and greet to get off to a positive start for both the guests and your pet!


Stilwell advises via Animal Wellness Magazine, "The best way to prevent begging is to never feed your dogs from the dinner table. If you have a dog prone to doing this, get in his way." She continues, "Block his path with your body and say “back” while waving him off, but do not physically move him or yell at him. Blocking is how dogs control space with other dogs; by doing this yourself, you’re clearly communicating to him that you want your space while at the dining table."

Doggy Daycare/Boarding

Sometimes we know that there are guests coming who are not fond of pets or are allergic to them. We might also realize that our pet would be much happier and less stressed out by all of the dinner guests if they were able to spend their time somewhere else and avoid the Holiday Cheers. Doggy DayStay and Boarding provide an excellent solution to allow your pet to hang out without worrying about the new people in his home.

Pets are wonderful to have at any social gathering! With a little bit of effort, you may enjoy a well-adjusted pet to share your special day with!

If you need a safe place to occupy your pet's day with fun activities, text or call us at 574-498-2424 to find out more about our Dog DayStay and Boarding options!

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