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4 Signs Your Dog Needs Grooming

Your dog will do their best to groom themselves, but there are other times where they'll need a helping hand. Check out our 4 signs that your dog needs grooming, so you can help your furry friend look and feel their best!

1) Dirty or Discolored Coat

While Dirt and grime stains can be a clear indication that your dog needs grooming, discoloration of the coat can be much more difficult to notice. Many dogs with white/light colored coats can become discolored over time, shifting from a beautiful, vibrant white to a dull, yellow appearance.

2) Matted Fur

Matted fur is a result of individual loose hairs getting wrapped up and tangled around attached strands. If not dealt with quickly, mats can quickly grow and present a problem when grooming. If left too long, mats must be cut out of the coat, often resulting in a dog needing to be shaved.

3) Visible Discomfort

Is your dog scratching constantly or otherwise visibly uncomfortable? Dirt, sap, fleas, and ticks can embed themselves deep in your dog's fur, causing irritation and discomfort. It's important to have your dog checked out right away by a groomer to see if the discomfort is being caused by dirt or harmful pests.

4) Nails Scraping on Floor

Do your dog's nails drag on the ground or click as they walk across a hardwood or tiled floor? Loud nails are a sign that your dog needs a trim. Neglecting to trim these nails can result in painful breaks and even potentially harmful infections down the line, and must be taken care of quickly.

Keeping your dog groomed with a shiny, healthy coat will not only help your pup look and feel great, but it will also help reduce shedding in your home.

Your family and friends will also thank you if you keep their nails trimmed because no one enjoys being scratched!

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