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4 Common Dog Behaviors Explained

Does your dog sometimes do things that leave you scratching your head? You might even wish you could just speak dog and ask them, "what are you doing?" and they'd tell you what's going on in their heads.

For now, we've created this post, 4 common dog behaviors explained to help!

Hiding Toys

You've probably seen it a million times, a half eaten bone under the cushion or a hoard of dog toys hidden under the couch. Hiding a favorite toy or high value treat is an instinctual urge for many dog breeds and is typically performed out of a desire to stockpile important resources for later.

Rolling in the Grass

We’ve all been there before. Just back in the door from the groomers and before you know it, your dog is rolling in something... again. Rolling in wet grass (or worse) is something many dog breeds do to help mask their scent and make themselves less recognizable to others.

Excessive Digging

Excessive digging can be associated with a number of different behaviors. Some dogs dig holes to satisfy their prey drive, others dig holes to escape the heat, while many just dig holes to burn off a little excess energy. In general, if your dog is digging excessively, it might be a sign they need more stimulation.

Scratching the Floor

After finishing their business, many dogs will stand in place and dramatically scratch the ground beneath them. This, like cocking a leg to pee, is a way of scent marking. Using special scent glands within their paws, dogs can claim territory and communicate with others nearby.

Dogs always seem to be up to something, but knowing why they're behaving the way they are is a great way to help us be more patient and understanding!

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