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What to expect when you pick your dog up after boarding

Dog playful after a boarding visit

Maybe you are a seasoned traveler and have boarded your pet many times before and noticed some behaviors when returning home. Maybe you never have boarded your pet yet and would like to know more about what to expect after boarding Let's take a look at what is often completely normal and just a reaction to him readjusting to his surroundings.

My dog is acting hungrier than usual; did she eat while boarding?

One of the most common questions we hear from owners once their dog returns home after boarding is that she is eating more than normal. Don't worry! Being hungrier than usual can be attributed to different things.

When dogs are boarding, they tend to work up a significant appetite since they have a new opportunity to exercise and play in a different environment. It is very common for them to play catch-up with eating when they arrive home to regain those extra burned up calories!

My dog seems particularly thirsty; do I need to be concerned?

Nope! A dog's natural response to being excited is to consume water like they have never had a drink before. And who wouldn't be excited coming back home to the fam again? Before you set down endless bowls of water thinking you are helping out, think again. A dog is not able to easily process food or water when they are in such an excited state and by consuming large quantities of food or water could easily upset their belly in either direction...vomiting or loose stools. Instead, the staff at Midnight Sun Pet Resort recommend waiting a few hours for your dog to settle in before introducing a bowl of water or food. If you really cannot wait, and want to give something to him, try a few ice chips to tide him over. Remember, it's best for his well-being to ease into the home routine again.

Dog sleeping after a boarding visit

My dog is sleeping a lot; is he ok?

What makes a dog sleepy? Many variables, under normal situations, can help wear out a dog such as exercise, playing, mental stimulation and new surroundings. All of the above are present at pet resorts which is a great situation! This means that there is opportunity to avoid potential boredom or become restless. As a result, your dog may need to sleep more when he gets home. It's not unusual to be sleepy for a couple days even! Maybe you can join him and catch up on some sleep too!

My dog is is following me around like Velcro; or my dog doesn't want anything to do with me. Will they snap out of this?

Some pets need to experience constant reinforcement that you are really in front of them after they come back from vacation. This is great! Enjoy this reaction and know that you are loved. On the flip side, if your dog doesn't want much to do with you upon arriving home, don't despair. It usually just means they are concentrating on making sure everything is fine in their home and once they realize all is okay, they will resume their affection towards you in no time!

My dog developed loose stool when he came home; do I need to take him to the vet?

Have you ever had a bit of an upset tummy due to excitement or change in schedule? Pets, too, can have the similar result when they are excited. It is important to remember to limit food and water for some time upon arriving home in order to help prevent induced loose stools. If, after taking food/water precautions, your pet continues to have loose stools for longer than 48 hours, it is important to schedule an appointment with your vet to rule out any underlying illness and to make sure he isn't getting dehydrated.

Still have questions or concerns about what to expect when you pick up your dog after boarding? No worries! We at Midnight Sun Pet Resort love questions and are here for you before, during and after your pet's stay with us. Promise.

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