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MARCH 2022 Newsletter

What's Happening This Month!

BIG DOG need a Spa Day? No problem! We have seen an increase in the number of requests to groom BIG dogs in the last several months, and have been told other facilities do not have the capability or desire to take care of them. Fortunately, we do! We welcome all large dogs and can accommodate even the gigantic breeds in our professional XL tub. Whether they feel like hopping into the tub by themselves, or walk up the ramp, they

will find no problem settling in for their Spa Service.

Does the thought of a fresh-smelling, squeaky clean dog promote happy feelings? Why not consider our Subscription Service to enjoy regular, monthly priority appointments at a reduced rate?

The Works - $40/Month

Treat your dog to extra pampering by choosing this premium package. Includes brushing, shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaning, nail buffing, blow dry and cologne. Signature treatment added at end of bath extends the silky feel and repels dirt for several weeks! ​

Express - $31.25/Month Professional maintenance bath for dogs which includes a good brushing, premium shampoo, blow dry and cologne. Signature treatment added at end of bath extends the silky feel and repels dirt for several weeks!


Tail Wagger of the Month

Our Tail Wagger of the Month is none other than Tinkerbell, affectionately called Tink! Tink visited with us for the first time and boy did we have fun! We were able to enjoy her sweet temperament as well as engage in some goofy play sessions.

Some of Tink's favorite activities were darting throughout our play yard as well as wiggling with excitement!

Tink enjoyed our premium Spa Services prior to heading home which helped remove much dead hair and get ready for Spring in style.

Thank you Kristin for allowing Tink to be a part of our pack!

Who will be April's Tail Wagger of the Month? Could it be your furbaby?



Are you struggling with a shedding dog? Perhaps your dog has a double coat adding to the shedding. Have you brushed and brushed and never seem to get rid of the hair? Consider our De-Shedding treatment.

Utilizing Professional grade, premium salon products and tools, we are able to tackle the hairiest coats. This is the time of year when many breeds begin their major coat blow-out and by maintaining and prepping the coat, it makes the hair shedding process much quicker. Can we think, "Less hair in the house sooner?".

If heading to our Salon is not feasible for you at this time, there are at-home options you may use to try and get a handle on the fur. Some grooming items which are helpful would be dog grooming rakes, slicker brushes and a pin brush. Brush your dog daily (we know...we all try!) and your efforts will not be in vain!


Referral Reward Perk

Who doesn't LOVE rewards! We love it when people confidently refer others to us! And to show our appreciation to you, we will reward you with 1 FREE night of boarding for every new boarding customer you refer to us that utilizes our boarding services. Simply let the person you are referring know to mention your name to us and we will take care of the rest. We sincerely thank you for your trust in us!


Any Questions ?

Contact Us:

11403 State Road 10

Argos, IN 46501

(574) 498-2424

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