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Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Monthly Subscription Packages are Now Available!

Keep your pet looking their best with our Grooming Subscriptions. Subscriptions can be a great way to further your pet’s grooming regime. Secure monthly bookings and save 15% annually on your grooming needs. Your pet will consistently look his best and will appreciate the monthly pampering and polishing! Subscribers also benefit by receiving priority and guaranteed reservations every single month.

The Works - $41.75/Month Treat your dog to extra pampering by choosing this premium package. Includes brushing, shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaning, nail buffing, blow dry and cologne. Signature treatment added at end of bath extends the silky feel and repels dirt for several weeks! Express - $31.25/Month Professional maintenance bath for dogs which includes a good brushing, premium shampoo, blow dry and cologne. Signature treatment added at end of bath extends the silky feel and repels dirt for several weeks!


Tail Wagger of the Month

Our Tail Wagger of the Month is none other than Rexxon! Rex visited with us for the first time and boy did we have fun! We were able to enjoy his exuberant puppy playfulness as well as creating a trusting bond which is so rewarding!

Some of Rex's favorite activities were leaping throughout our play yard as well as pressing his nose firmly onto our cheeks!

Rex was able to participate in our Spa Services prior to heading home which helped him become used to us buffing his nails, cleaning his ears, washing and conditioning his coat and having his coat dried with our blow dryer. He took it like a champ and we are certain, that with regular grooming, he will continue to enjoy and look forward to staying well groomed.

Thank you David for allowing Rex to be a part of our pack!

Who will be August's Tail Wagger of the Month? Could it be your furbaby?


We are increasingly hearing about more and more dogs dealing with pesky ticks this summer. It seems like there is an upsurge in ticks around our county compared to previous years.

"And there are even more reasons to be concerned. According to an article in Veterinary Practice News, tick populations are increasing and are poised to reach unprecedented levels due to a number of factors including warmer winters, decreased insecticide usage, and the white-tailed deer population, which has swelled as a result of successful conservation efforts. White-tailed deer are ticks' primary mode of travel and the main reason they are so widespread, although other migratory animals such as birds and coyotes transport ticks as well.

Aside from Lyme disease, ticks can carry almost a dozen human and animal diseases, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and Cytauxzoon felis, a deadly organism that afflicts domestic cats.

Treatment a necessity, not an option

When it comes to illnesses, prevention is generally the least costly and least stressful option, and tick-borne infections are no exception. Given the emerging statistics about tick population growth and disease, prevention protocols should be considered a standard, not optional, part of pet care—as important as semi-annual wellness exams, vaccinations, and even fresh water and food.

Talk to your veterinarian about tick-borne diseases that are specific to your area and about implementing an effective protection plan. Options include:

  • Lyme disease vaccine

  • Veterinarian-recommended tick and flea preventive products

  • A long-lasting insecticide yard spray that will kill both tick eggs and larvae

Regardless of the method, or combination of methods, you choose, it is a good idea to always thoroughly check your dog after being outside, especially in woodsy, grassy, or brushy areas. If a tick is attached to your dog's skin, remove it carefully with tweezers, and wash the affected bite area and your hands with soap and water afterward." - Rose Rock Vet Hospital


Referral Reward Perk

Who doesn't LOVE rewards! We love it when people confidently refer others to us! And to show our appreciation to you, we will reward you with 1 FREE night of boarding for every new boarding customer you refer to us that utilizes our boarding services. Simply let the person you are referring know to mention your name to us and we will take care of the rest. We sincerely thank you for your trust in us!


Any Questions ?

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