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"I just added a puppy to our family but suddenly have to leave town. Now what?"

I will never forget the anxiety, doubt, questions that plagued my husband and I when we had to take our puppy to the pet resort for the first time. It wasn't something we wanted to do so soon, but we had no choice due to a family obligation out of town.

It all worked out pleasantly well and all of our feelings of uncertainty melted away and gave way to knowledge that we were able to put our puppy on the path to a positive and rewarding experience to look forward to each time we needed to get away.

Not everyone has the opportunity to plan ahead and take a gradual approach to the boarding experience, but nonetheless, the good news is that puppies are very adaptive to their surroundings and enjoy the new stimulation they are presented with on their vacation! So fear not, your puppy will still remember you and their waggin' tails will be their way of telling you their visit was amazing!

Here are a few tips you can check out, especially if you have some time to utilize them before you need to head out of town.

1. Do your research and choose wisely

Check around with friends for personal recommendations for a pet resort. Check online reviews and look for a facility that offers extra potty breaks, plenty of playtime, clean and spacious suites and has special accommodations for puppy's needs. A copy of your puppy's vet records should also be required.

2. Visit and book a short overnight stay

I know this seems obvious, but it can be a game-changer. When you visit the pet resort, you will be able to ease your mind by understanding visually where your puppy will be residing. Utilizing a short overnight stay will not only give your puppy the knowledge that all is good and fun things happen while visiting, it will also give you the chance to know that he will do well away from home and get a delicious treat of kisses and tail wagging when you pick him up!'s the best feeling!

3. Bring something familiar from home

Familiar toys or blankie from home will keep any change to a minimum. Preparing your blankie, or an article of clothing with your scent on it, will allow your puppy to have the "comfort smells" of home they are accustomed to. We have seen it time and time again how puppies and dogs alike get that whiff of mom/dad or home and just light up with a new sense of confidence.

4. Maintain the same food

It might be tempting to pack one less thing for his visit at the pet resort and utilize the resort's food. While it certainly isn't a no-no, it definitely is recommend to bring his own food from home which he is used to. Maintaining the same food will be one less change he will have to deal with which sets a positive tone for success!

All in all, if you are faced with the scenario of leaving town soon after adding a new puppy to your family, rest easy. Puppies adapt quickly, thrive with the proper professional care and attention and are given the opportunity to a solid, positive foundation which will last for years to come!

At Midnight Sun Pet Resort we are able to address all of your new puppy's needs to ensure a successful experience each and every time away from home. Check out our unique Puppy Package which gives your puppy special amenities he will certainly appreciate.

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