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4 Ways to Prepare for Pet Boarding

When you’re planning a trip away from home, it’s important to know that your dog will be well cared for, safe, and happy. Whether your dog will be staying with a pet sitter or in a boarding facility, finding a place that has your dog’s best interest at heart will give you peace of mind while you enjoy your own vacation.

When you’re choosing a boarding facility there are a few things you should check out. You’ll also want to prepare your dog for boarding to limit their stress (especially if you’re boarding them for the first time).

Here are some dog boarding tips to help you find the right place and help your dog feel comfortable at their home away from home.

1. Make sure vaccinations are current

Vaccinations are the most cost-effective and safest way to prevent diseases from spreading. A reputable boarding facility will require all of their dogs to be current on vaccines.Be sure all vaccines are current well before it's time to board.

2. Pack a bag with toys, treats, meds and food

Pack a bag equipped with necessary essentials from home such as toys, treats, meds, bedding. Having familiar items helps minimize change and results in a happier and healthier pet.

3. Be in the right frame of mind emotionally

Pets naturally read and feed off of our human emotions.Arriving with your pet for their stay should be positive, happy and strong to reassure them that all is good and set them off to a great start. Nervous emotions may result in nervous pets.

4. Plan a Day stay prior to boarding

A wonderful opportunity for your pet to get a feel for the boarding facility, and begin building trust with the caregivers, is planning a Day Stay.Exposure prior to boarding will allow him to settle in more quickly to his longer stays with familiar comfort he has already experienced.

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