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4 Dog Friendly Warm Weather Activities

Warm weather is perfect for outdoor fun. And it’s even better if your dog can join in. There are ample activities to try, from old standbys like fetch to more adventurous pursuits like hitting the beach for a swim. Consider your dog’s personality, activity level, and interests to be certain you find the perfect match.


A dog park is a public park, usuallylocated within cities which includes an enclosed dog-run, where dogs can run and play to their heart’s content (off-leash!). Beneficial not only to those who don't have a yard, but also as a change of scenary for those with yards.


More and more beaches have become dog friendly throught the years.Special areas are often available just for dogs to enjoy.Be sure to call ahead to ensure dogs are welcome before you head out.


Locate a park or other special outdoor location, bring a blanket big enough for you and your dog, and don’t forget to pack some dog-safe foods your pup can share. If you take a long walk ahead of time or otherwise exercise your dog, they will be far more likely to relax while you eat.


Let your dog express their inner artist with some paw painting. All you need for your dog’s masterpiece are some nontoxic washable paints and a large piece of paper. Dip your dog’s paws in the paint and then encourage them to walk across the papermaking art as they go. And when you’re satisfied with the results, finish off by giving your dog an outdoor bath.

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