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4 Concerns About Pet Boarding

Your dog is a member of your family, and one of the hardest decisions you will have to make is how to leave them behind when you travel.

You want them to be safe and comfortable without you, which is why it’s a smart idea to plan for such travels well in advance. Important to consider when planning is identifying and addressing any concerns you have prior to boarding. Let's take a look at a few resolvable concerns.

"I will be gone a long time. Will he forget me?"

A long time in human terms, does not equal the same in the dog world.Dogs do not have the same perception of time as humans do which helps them settle in to new routines easily.Dogs never forget their owner and the reunion you will receive when you meet again is priceless!

"My pet will be alone all day"

The routine which takes place in a reputable pet resort allows for much human interaction and activities with your pet.From feedings and grooming, to playtimes and snuggles, it creates an attention-filled time away from home!

"My dog doesn't play well with other dogs"

There are facilities which cater to the fact that not all dogs enjoy interacting with other dogs and allow private, individual play sessions with humans. This prevents any worry about potential injuries or stresses for man's best friend.

"I've never left my pet before"

When it comes down to it, dogs are more adaptable than we think, and many will enjoy the change of pace that is inevitable when their family members leave them for a well-deserved holiday.

Sometimes the hardest part about doing something new is just getting past all of the questions, worries and concerns by being prepared and then just giving it a try. Millions of pets have the opportunity to be cared for by other people and certainly the majority of them welcome the change of pace and variety.

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