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Dog Running

Midnight Sun
Day Stay Services


Drop Off: 7am-12pm

Pickup: 4pm-6pm

 Does your dog dislike being left alone?  Do they bark, cry, whine, or even exhibit destructive behavior while you are away? 

     Give your dog the stimulation they need by dropping them off for a Dog Day Stay experience.

The Midnight Sun Pet Resort Difference

​Unlike most daycares, our private and personalized Dog Day Stay features one on one play times in our 1/2 acre fenced in play yard complete with kiddie pool, toys, and lots of attention. 

Day Stay is a great opportunity for guests who may be less social,  older dogs that need a little more TLC, or puppies who need to burn off energy during the day!


Included for enjoyment is a private, XL indoor/outdoor, climate controlled suite to relax in complete with a light lunch.  An assigned team member will provide 6 individual playtimes where your dog can play, exercise and have as much fun as they desire without worrying about mingling with other dogs! 

Fluffy Dog
  • Can I bring food from home for my pet to eat?
    Yes. Pack only enough food for their visit, plus one or two extra days in case it is needed. ~Place bulk food in GALLON size ziplock bags only and we can measure out the portions from that
  • What vaccinations do you require?
    All dogs must be current on the following vaccinations: Distemper/Parvo/Parainfluenza (1 or 3 yr) Rabies (1 or 3 yr) Bordetella(Canine Cough) optional. If given, it must be administered 2 weeks or more before arrival date Flea and tick prevention ​ All cats must be current on the following vaccinations: FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus & Panleukopenia) (1 or 3 yr) Rabies (1 or 3 yr)
  • Must I do a 'Meet and Greet' prior to boarding?
    No. A 'Meet and Greet' is not a requirement to stay with us at our facility.
  • Can you administer my pet's medication?
    We can administer any topical and/or oral medication according to your directions. We ask that you please send any medications in their original container with written instructions.
  • Can I bring in my pet's toys or bedding?
    Yes! A small, clean blanket (no stuffing) is welcome as are a couple of favorite toys from home. For the safety of your pet, we do not allow rawhide products while visiting with us.
  • Does my pet have access to water at all times?
    Yes, unless we are told to limit water, bowls are full 24/7.
  • Can I come visit with you?
    Absolutely, feel free to give us a call and we can schedule a time!
  • Why is your facility closed from 12-4pm?
    Pets love activity and besides playtime and snuggles, there are guests arriving and departing during office hours. In order for our guests to have much deserved downtime, we limit how much extra activity occurs in the 12-4pm time frame.
  • Your facility is closed on Sundays and during holidays. Who takes care of the pets during those times?
    The office is closed to the public for arrival and departures, but the staff at Midnight Sun Pet Resort still care for each guest during these times.
  • Do you do anything special for the pets over the holidays?
    Yes, every holiday we indulge our guests with pet approved meals or treats to enjoy and celebrate.
  • How will I know my pet is doing okay during his visit?
    So glad you asked! We are very big on communication with our pet parents if any problems or issues arise. We are also not shy about contacting you if we have a question or concern since you know your pet better than anyone! After all, it's all about the pets anyway, right? No news is good news and if an issue or question arises, we will promptly reach out.
  • How are boarding charges calculated?
    Simply put, we calculate charges similar to a human hotel. A charge occurs on the first day, regardless of the time of arrival, as we have reserved a suite just for your pet. Departures after check-out time of 12:00 are charged another day and allows you to pick up your pet that evening, or the following day up until 12:00 if need be.
  • Why don't you charge by the hour?
    Our scheduling resembles the way a human hotel reserves in order to have clear knowledge at all times of availability, so that we are able to serve those who need a reservation.
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