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Drop Off: 7am-12pm

Pickup: 4pm-6pm

 Does your dog dislike being left alone?  Do they bark, cry, whine, or even exhibit destructive behavior while you are away? 

     Give your dog the stimulation they need by dropping them off for a Dog Day Stay experience.

The Midnight Sun Pet Resort Difference

​Unlike most daycares, our private and personalized Dog Day Stay features one on one play times in our 1/2 acre fenced in play yard complete with kiddie pool, toys, and lots of attention. 

Day Stay is a great opportunity for guests who may be less social,  older dogs that need a little more TLC, or puppies who need to burn off energy during the day!


Included for enjoyment is a private, XL indoor/outdoor, climate controlled suite to relax in complete with a light lunch.  An assigned team member will provide 6 individual playtimes where your dog can play, exercise and have as much fun as they desire without worrying about mingling with other dogs! 

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Frequently asked questions

My dog doesn't get along with other dogs, but I need him to be somewhere while I am at work, etc.

This is not a problem, our Pet Day Stay features one on one, private supervised playtimes so your dog doesn't have to interact with others at any point during their stay.

Does my pet have to stay the entire day?

Other than the 12-4pm timeslot where we are closed, you can pick up your pet at any time during our hours. 12-4pm is reserved for our guests downtime and is essential to their wellbeing.

Is Day Stay right for my dog?

Dog Day Stay is always beneficial, rather than being stuck at home alone, your dog can interact with people and new stimuli in a new environment. This can help prevent boredom and associated destructive behaviors.

Can you provide any simple training during Day Stay?

Yes, we can offer some simple training for an extra fee. Training needs can be discussed when scheduling your stay.

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